BPM 8.6.0 - Next Task

BPM 8.6.0 - Next Task

BPM Next Task

When a user logs into IBM Process Portal, they are given the opportunity to pick from a list of work items the next item to be worked upon.  The entry looks like:


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In BPM 8.6.0 CF2018-06 a new feature was added called the "Next Task" dashboard.  By default, this is disabled.  It can be enabled within the IBM WAS Admin Console.

When enabled, we see the following entry in process portal:

Selecting this, allows the user to see just the next task that they are to work upon.  This prevents cherry picking the next task.  The task is selected via a shared search.  More details can be found in the IBM BPM Knowledge Center.


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A video illustrating this capability can be found here:



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