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The Moment I Saw the Light

By: Isaiah Delavega  

Interconnect 2016 BPM Keynote - Even IBM Uses SPARK UI

To our very pleasant surprise and satisfaction, the demo done during the IBM Interconnect Conference BPM Keynote session was done using Salient Process's SPARK UI Toolkit.  It says a lot when even IBM technical sellers choose SPARK as the UI[…]

Salient Process Highlighted at Partner Portion of Interconnect 2016

Salient Presenting with Adobe at IBM Interconnect 2016

If you are going to be at IBM Interconnect 2016, please stop by and listen to and interact with Jared Michalec (our VP of Client Services) and Adobe describe their success in leveraging the Complex Event Processing component of the IBM Smarter[…]

Blueworks Live (BWL) Migration

Migrating Between BWL Accounts