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What is ODM Rules?

In many businesses, one has many rules to work with in day-to-day operations.  Banks will use rules to strike the right balance between making loans with too much risk against not making enough loans to keep their business afloat.  Insurance[…]

Coming Soon to a Process Near You...

    On February 27th, we will announce SPARK Ignition, our latest addition to the SPARK suite of IBM BPM toolkits, and our latest contribution to making IBM BPM better. Ignition will change the way you move from IBM Blueworks Live ("BWL") to IBM[…]

IBM BPM SPARK Has Gone Global

  It has been an incredibly successful twelve-month period for Salient Process, and for our IBM BPM SPARK suite of toolkits in particular. Over the past year, we have gone from under one hundred downloads of IBM BPM SPARK to thousands of[…]