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BPM: Inline User Tasks

With the arrival of BPM 8.6.0 and the latest fixes, Inline User tasks were added. The notion here is that when we create a process model, as long as we supply the types of user input and output, a Coach can be dynamically generated for us which[…]

RPA: Automation Anywhere: Working with MongoDB

In some recent videos, I found myself working with creating DLLs for use in MetaBots and saving state in file systems for later retrieval.  Thinking about the story some more, I felt that writing to files would work, but writing the state to a[…]

RPA: Automation Anywhere: Saving State

When a task executes, it starts from nothing and performs commands until it completes.  The notion that it "starts from nothing" is the one we want to examine.  This means that when a new task comes into existence there is no pre-existing state[…]

RPA: Automation Anywhere: Slow web pages

Consider automation a web page.  We might have a task that enters some text in an input field and clicks on a submission button.  Our expectation is that what happens next is that a new web page is presented and we enter some new information[…]

RPA: Automation Anywhere: Working with DLLs and MetaBots

When we use MetaBots, we can invoke Microsoft Dynamic Load Libraries (DLLs).  Here we discuss what that means and how to achieve it.

IBM BPM: Enabling Coach Views based on other Coach Views

This is a description of a real-world puzzle that was presented to me.  In the solution we have the presentation of two fields.  One for entry of the userid and one for entry of the password.  In addition to these fields, there is a login[…]

IBM BPM: Debugging a CSHS

When working with BPM human services, specifically Client Side Human Services, we often want to be able to debug JavaScript code which runs within them.  This can be code that you have added which performs some piece or fragment of logic.  Since[…]