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How Our North Star Methodology Enables Successful Digital Transformation

Using Regular Expressions with Automation Anywhere

Regular expressions are a powerful technique for pattern matching and data extraction.  The idea behind a regular expression is to describe a rule for examining a piece of text and asking, "Does this piece of text conform to a pattern?".  For[…]

Questions on AI, Design Thinking, and Continuous Process Improvement Playing Together

    In Sandy Kemsley's blog here, she writes about the final keynote at AIIM18, given by Mike Walsh. I'm not going to regurgitate what you can freely read yourself,however it touched on something I have been thinking about off and on for a few[…]

The Journey to No-Code Business Process Improvement

  About a year ago, I posted a blog about SPARK Ignition, our attempt at building a No Code solution to automate IBM BPM processes. Since then, the product name has been changed from SPARK Ignition to SPARK Quick Process Builder (“QPB”). However,[…]

Salient Surpasses the Capabilities of IBM BPM and Blockchain Technology through Quantum RPA-powered SPARK EWOK