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BPM 8.6.0 - Next Task

BPM Next Task When a user logs into IBM Process Portal, they are given the opportunity to pick from a list of work items the next item to be worked upon.  The entry looks like:

Quick Process Builder - Service Integration

When using Quick Process Builder, we can rapidly construct new processes with the minimum of technical knowledge.  However, there will be the occasional times when we must include some form of technical integration.  Examples of this could[…]

Using Regular Expressions with Automation Anywhere

Regular expressions are a powerful technique for pattern matching and data extraction.  The idea behind a regular expression is to describe a rule for examining a piece of text and asking, "Does this piece of text conform to a pattern?".  For[…]

BPM: Decision Tables in 8.6.0

For several releases, IBM BPM has had Decision Tables.  This is a subset of the function available in IBM's Operational Decision Manager (ODM).  Using Decision Tables, a process author can create a decision within BPM using a table format.  If[…]