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The 7 Steps of Process Improvement

7 Steps of Process Improvement

The Process Rush: An Introduction to IBM Process Mining

“There’s [process] in them thar hills”

Think BIG or Fail Trying

Approaching my ten-year anniversary in the Automation industry, I have been fortunate enough to work with my fair share of...

How IBM Automation Pays for Itself

IBM Automation pays for itself.  

Automation in the Time of COVID-19

During these unprecedented times… although an applicable phrase, it has quickly become a tired one. In lieu of baseball,...

Cloud Paks Pak a Punch

Introduced early last year, IBM brought Cloud Paks to market with the intention of helping their clients as they embarked on...

Change Management: Everyone Hates Change. Everyone Loves Improvement.

Everyone hates change. Everyone loves improvement. Two statements that appear to be mutually exclusive. That’s because they...

Demystifying DBA

Over the past few years, IBM has consolidated several products to form one comprehensive Digital Business Automation (DBA)...

The Agile Migration: IBM BAW and Beyond

Migrations can be tough. Sometimes it can feel like we’re back to the drawing board when things don’t go as planned. Even...