BPM: Inline User Tasks

By Neil Kolban Posted December 21, 2017 In Business Process Management
BPM_ Inline User Tasks

With the arrival of BPM 8.6.0 and the latest fixes, Inline User tasks were added. The notion here is that when we create a process model, as long as we supply the types of user input and output, a Coach can be dynamically generated for us which will allow the process to be executed to present task information and allow user input without having to spend any time working on Coach screen creation. This allows the process to be unit tested as quickly as possible.


Note the icon that represents this item as an in-line user task.

The settings are for this type of activity looks as follows:




When we look at the data mapping section, we can define input and output variables.


It is these variables that become the visualizations on the generated coach.

An example of the output might be:


Variables mapped as input will be placed in an inputs section and flagged/tagged as read-only. Variables marked as output will be placed in an outputs section. A variable that occurs in both the inputs and outputs will be placed in the outputs section.

We can create a custom template for our in-line user tasks. They can look and feel as you desire. The BPM product expects to find two content box Coach View containers within the template. One should be given the Control ID of: TaskInput and the other: TaskOutput It is within these that the BPM generated controls corresponding to input and output fields will be placed. (READ: BPM 8.6.0 - Next Task)

A video illustrating this story can be found here:




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