IBM ODM Decision Server Insights Innovation at Salient Process

By Andy Kilhoffer Posted July 23, 2016 In Decision Server Insights (DSI)
IBM ODM Decision Server Insights Innovation at Salient Process

At Salient Process, we have long specialized in extending the capabilities of IBM’s Business Process Management (BPM) and Operational Decision Management (ODM) product suites to provide innovative cognitive business solutions. In 2015, we opened another specialty practice in the Decision Server Insights (DSI) component of ODM. DSI enables enterprises to create a comprehensive view of their corporate data and customer-related activities, enabling real-time, in-depth analysis of each business-related development to ensure the appropriate action is taken at the moment of greatest impact to maximize profitability and minimize risk. (READ: DSI Time Compression)

Continuing in the tradition of innovation highlighted by our widely acclaimed and IBM-adopted Spark UI Toolkit for BPM, we have already created a number of capabilities complementing and extending IBM’s DSI product capabilities in key areas to enable solutions that would otherwise not be possible. We will be writing a series of blogs over the next few weeks to highlight some of Salient's DSI innovations. We will update the items below with links to the proper blogs as they are written.

  1. Time Compression
  2. Event Paging
  3. Entity Paging
  4. Dynamic Entity Extensions
  5. Data Enrichment
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