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Salient's 10th Anniversary

Salient's 10 Year Anniversary

Salient's 10th Anniversary

Are you overpaying for RPA?

Are you overpaying for RPA?

The 7 Steps of Process Improvement

7 Steps of Process Improvement

De-bunking 6 Common A.I. & Hyperautomation Myths

Facts about A.I. and Hyperautomation

The Process Rush: An Introduction to IBM Process Mining

“There’s [process] in them thar hills”

ODM Rules Components

A typical Operational Decision Manager (ODM) Rules setup will contain three major components: Decision Server Rules, Decision...

ODM Rule Artifact Types

IBM’s Operational Decision Manager (ODM) uses Action Rules and Decision Tables to describe decisions, and Ruleflows to...

What is ODM Rules?

In many businesses, one has many rules to work with in day-to-day operations.  Banks will use rules to strike the right...