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Salient's 10th Anniversary

Salient's 10 Year Anniversary

Salient's 10th Anniversary

Are you overpaying for RPA?

Are you overpaying for RPA?

The 7 Steps of Process Improvement

7 Steps of Process Improvement

De-bunking 6 Common A.I. & Hyperautomation Myths

Facts about A.I. and Hyperautomation

What is Hyperautomation?

  The economic and operational malaise caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has forced many companies to focus on quick...

Random/Initial Thoughts on IBM’s Purchase of WDG Automation

My biggest and most prescient thought is: FINALLY!!! There have been rumblings for a couple of years about IBM purchasing an...

Using Regular Expressions with Automation Anywhere

Regular expressions are a powerful technique for pattern matching and data extraction.  The idea behind a regular expression...

RPA: Automation Anywhere: Working with MongoDB

In some recent videos, I found myself working with creating DLLs for use in MetaBots and saving state in file systems for...

RPA: Automation Anywhere: Saving State

When a task executes, it starts from nothing and performs commands until it completes.  The notion that it "starts from...

RPA: Automation Anywhere: Slow web pagesConsider automation a web page

Consider automation a web page.  We might have a task that enters some text in an input field and clicks on a submission...

RPA: Automation Anywhere: Working with DLLs and MetaBots

When we use MetaBots, we can invoke Microsoft Dynamic Load Libraries (DLLs).  Here we discuss what that means and how to...

IBM BPM: Enabling Coach Views based on other Coach Views

This is a description of a real-world puzzle that was presented to me.  In the solution we have the presentation of two...