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Beware of the Frankenstack & Frankencloud! Do you mix software/vendors in your approach to Digital Business Automation (DBA)?

  If your DBA stack is a ghoulish mish-mash of software, the performance effects on your business could be frightening.

Four AIs Walk into a Bar to Discuss which Branch of Robotics could Help Free the Humans

Four AIs - IBM Watson, Salesforce Einstein, Google Duplex, and Zo AI - walk into a bar. Watson, Duplex, and Zo each order a glass of beer. Salesforce Einstein, the youngest of them all, could not order anything to drink as it had not yet turned[…]

Salient Process Introduces New Tools to Expedite IBM BAW Migration

IBM Gold Business Partner, Salient Process, leverages proprietary migration tools to improve process applications while improving them

Salient Process Appoints John Stange as VP of Sales and Marketing

CARMICHAEL, Calif.-March 4, 2019-Salient Process, Inc is pleased to announce the promotion of John Stange to VP of Sales and Marketing.