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The Agile Migration: IBM BAW and Beyond

Migrations can be tough. Sometimes it can feel like we’re back to the drawing board when things don’t go as planned. Even worse, sometimes it can feel like there is no drawing board to go back to at all. Like a stray dog, the way we approach it[…]

Make Digital Transformation Fun Again

Over the past 12 months, I’ve attended several business technology events including OPEX San Diego, Forrester Digital Transformation Chicago, RISE Hong Kong and IBM THINK San Francisco.  I have begun to recognize a certain look in the eye of[…]

Quick Process Builder - Blueworks Live Integration

According to IBM’s introduction, “Blueworks Live is a business process modeling tool … [that’s] easy to use, allowing you to learn and perform business process modeling in minutes.” On the other hand, IBM BPM is a comprehensive Business Process[…]

BPM 8.6.0 - Next Task

BPM Next Task When a user logs into IBM Process Portal, they are given the opportunity to pick from a list of work items the next item to be worked upon.  The entry looks like: