The Journey to No-Code Business Process Improvement

About a year ago, I posted a blog about SPARK Ignition, our attempt at building a No Code solution to automate IBM BPM processes. Since then, the product name has been changed from SPARK Ignition to SPARK Quick Process Builder (“QPB”). However,[…]

Coming Soon to a Process Near You...

On February 27th, we will announce SPARK Ignition, our latest addition to the SPARK suite of IBM BPM toolkits, and our latest contribution to making IBM BPM better. Ignition will change the way you move from IBM Blueworks Live ("BWL") to IBM BPM[…]

Practical Solutions to Common BPMS Delivery Problems

By: Matthew Oatts

The Days of the BPMS Hero are Over

It has been my experience over the years when many Business Process Management Suite (BPMS) vendors (be they software or strictly service providers) are brought in to do a project, they have very good access to an expert practitioner(s), but they[…]