ODM Rule Artifact Types

IBM’s Operational Decision Manager (ODM) uses Action Rules and Decision Tables to describe decisions, and Ruleflows to orchestrate those decisions at a higher level.  It is important that the “look and feel” of the authoring styles are understood[…]

Integrating Business Rules with Business Events/Insights: When and How?

We have amazing business rules developed and working business events and need to reuse some Decision Services when an event occurs in the application We have corporate business rules developed and would like to use them for a new events project[…]

What are Business Rules?

In just about any business, one will encounter rules.  They may not necessarily be called “rules,” but they almost certainly exist in the business’s day-to-day operation.  These rules could be as complex as an insurance company using myriad[…]

What is ODM Rules?

In many businesses, one has many rules to work with in day-to-day operations.  Banks will use rules to strike the right balance between making loans with too much risk against not making enough loans to keep their business afloat.  Insurance[…]