Coming Soon to a Process Near You...

On February 27th, we will announce SPARK Ignition, our latest addition to the SPARK suite of IBM BPM toolkits, and our latest contribution to making IBM BPM better. Ignition will change the way you move from IBM Blueworks Live ("BWL") to IBM BPM[…]

Heard on the Street: Misinformation about the SPARK UI Toolkit

Increasingly, we are noticing misinformation generated by some of Salient’s competition regarding the SPARK UI Toolkit. This misinformation equates to trying to spread fear, uncertainty, and doubt in order to confuse IBM BPM customers. We[…]

Two processes: A block away, but miles apart

I live in East Sacramento, which is a small neighborhood just outside of downtown Sacramento. It is a quaint and established neighborhood, with beautiful tree lined streets, older homes, and lots of shops and restaurants within easy walking[…]