How Our North Star Methodology Enables Successful Digital Transformation

The Journey to No-Code Business Process Improvement

About a year ago, I posted a blog about SPARK Ignition, our attempt at building a No Code solution to automate IBM BPM processes. Since then, the product name has been changed from SPARK Ignition to SPARK Quick Process Builder (“QPB”). However,[…]

Santa Comes in June: Announcing SPARK UI Packaged For Free With IBM BPM

What could be better than a second Christmas in June? Santa is bringing the gift of great UI in IBM BPM 8.5.7. No longer will you have to worry about which UI toolkit to choose. No longer will have to choose between out of the box IBM BPM UI for[…]

ODM Rules Components

A typical Operational Decision Manager (ODM) Rules setup will contain three major components: Decision Server Rules, Decision Center, and Rule Designer.  Each component has its own function, and interacts with the others as rules are developed,[…]