IBM BPM SPARK Has Gone Global

  It has been an incredibly successful twelve-month period for Salient Process, and for our IBM BPM SPARK suite of toolkits in particular. Over the past year, we have gone from under one hundred downloads of IBM BPM SPARK to thousands of[…]

Heard on the Street: Misinformation about the SPARK UI Toolkit

  Increasingly, we are noticing misinformation generated by some of Salient’s competition regarding the SPARK UI Toolkit. This misinformation equates to trying to spread fear, uncertainty, and doubt in order to confuse IBM BPM customers. We[…]

Why IBM Chose Salient Process and SPARK

  Given the announcement by IBM on June 7th that SPARK will become the default UI Toolkit for IBM BPM, we wanted to share with you just how we arrived at this exciting moment, why we built SPARK, and particularly why IBM chose SPARK. IBM is now[…]

Interconnect 2016 BPM Keynote - Even IBM Uses SPARK UI

To our very pleasant surprise and satisfaction, the demo done during the IBM Interconnect Conference BPM Keynote session was done using Salient Process's SPARK UI Toolkit.  It says a lot when even IBM technical sellers choose SPARK as the UI[…]