Questions on AI, Design Thinking, and Continuous Process Improvement Playing Together

In Sandy Kemsley's blog here, she writes about the final keynote at AIIM18, given by Mike Walsh. I'm not going to regurgitate what you can freely read yourself, however it touched on something I have been thinking about off and on for a few[…]

Changes required for any Salesforce integration in IBM BPM

Re: SF Certificates change from Symantec to Digicert 

Practical Solutions to Common BPMS Delivery Problems

By: Matthew Oatts

Interconnect 2016 BPM Keynote - Even IBM Uses SPARK UI

To our very pleasant surprise and satisfaction, the demo done during the IBM Interconnect Conference BPM Keynote session was done using Salient Process's SPARK UI Toolkit.  It says a lot when even IBM technical sellers choose SPARK as the UI[…]